Church Plants

Part of the vision of New Life Church is to continue obeying Jesus’ command to "go and make disciples of all nations." Like the New Testament Church of Acts, we are a church that plants churches. We believe it’s the best way to evangelize the world! New Life Church tithes 10% of our Sunday offerings to church planting

We put about $50,000 each year toward the birth of a new church.

Nexus - Church Planting, Leader Care

Paseo Christian Church, El Paso, Texas

Planted 2006 by Greg and Jill Hunt

New City Christian Church, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Planted in 2007 by Nathan and Vanessa Bush

Journey Lorena, Waco, Texas

Planted in 2011 by Cory and Leslie Smith

Journey Elgin, Elgin, Texas

Planted in 2012 by Phillip and Molly Thomas

Hondable Church, Hondable, Honduras (International Church Plant)
In 2014, we partnered with this existing church and Moises Guevara

Christ’s Church, Las Cruces, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Planted in 2015 by Rob and Tammy Wilson

Revive Christian Church, Loveland, Colorado

Planted in 2016 by Jeff and Sarah Rosenberry

Venture Christian Church, Katy, Texas

Planted in 2019 by Nathan and Chelsea Boldt

Mercy Church, Paris, Texas
Planted in 2021 by Brad and Jenny Sullivan

Identity Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Planted in 2021 by Clay and Jennifer Atchley

The Jar Ministries, Ardmore, Oklahoma
Planted in 2022 by Michael and Carrie Rogers