New Life Story

Several years before 2005, the Golf Course Road Church of Christ in Midland, Texas felt God’s call to plant a church. Simultaneously, a Christian Church organization from California, Stadia, also sensed God’s call to unite with the Churches of Christ for the purpose of planting churches.


During this time, Tim and Melinda Halstead from The Woodlands, Texas and Ben and Trisha Wall from Tyler, Texas were feeling God’s call to step out of traditional churches and, in faith, become church planters. Only God could’ve turned what appeared to be four very individual callings into a common effort in the Permian Basin.  Only God has the wisdom, the power, and the resources necessary to unite these four distinct callings into a common effort in the Permian Basin, leading to the establishment of New Life Church.


Over the next 17 years marked by God's persistent faithfulness, inevitable changes in staff, the Halstead's revealed their plan to retire, signifying a significant transition for New Life Church. This initiated a search for the next leaders that would become vital in shaping the future of the church. In a testament to divine guidance, Misha and Oxana emerged as the next leaders for New Life Church and the many answered prayers signaled that God’s hand was at work in our selection. 


In June of 2023, from Almaty, Kazakhstan, Misha and Oxana Shakurov, accompanied by their two sons, Tima and Mika, arrived in Odessa marking the beginning of their journey with New Life Church. The unfolding narrative paints a picture of faith, transition, and a seamless alignment of individuals called to lead others to Jesus and serve in Odessa. 

Beginning in May 2024, New Life Church will welcome Austin Green from Apopka, Florida as our full time Youth and Worship Minister.  In 2022, we welcomed Erica Solis, who passionately serves as our Children’s Director, bringing fresh energy and commitment.  Derie Tohkubbi, having held various office capacities, now serves as the church secretary. With this full complement of staff, and an army of volunteers, it is our goal to reach those in Odessa without a church home - a number which exceeds 50,000 people.

Exploring New Life

"Exploring New Life" is the pathway to belonging to New Life.  If you would like to learn more about New Life Church or if you are interested in becoming a member, we offer a time to gather where we explain our mission, vision, beliefs, values and expectations and then get to hear your journey of faith.  This time is scheduled once a month or so at Misha & Oxana Shakurov's home. 

Phone Volume To receive more information, please contact the church office.