Kingdom Kids

Children's classes run parallel with preaching time.  We want children to get as much out of church as you do!  That's why we offer children's Sunday school classes at the same time.  It makes it easier for everyone to enjoy the teaching time.  Tiny Kingdom classes are for 1y.o - 4y.o and Kingdom Kids Club classes are for kids in grades K-5.

New Life Youth

New Life Youth meets together on Sunday evenings and Wednesday evenings at the New Life Church Student Facility (next to the tennis courts).  Students from grade 6 to grade 12 come together for worship, a teaching time and fellowship

  • Worship

    Worship is an attitude of spirit.
    Worship should be a response to truth.  
    Worship is an expression of praise from the depths of our hearts toward a God who is understood through His Word.  To truly worship God, we must understand who He is and what He has done, and the only place He has fully revealed Himself is in the Bible.

    Since worship isn't about what we do, but how we do it, then we have no rules telling us
    whether we should sit, stand, fall down, be quiet, or sing praises loudly while in worship.  Those are the things that are decided by the church.  The most important thing is that we worship God in spirit (in our hearts) and in truth (in our minds).  At New Life, you will find a blend of many types of worship. 

    If you are interested in be a part of the worship ministry at New Life Church, please email us at

  • Church Plants

    When the church began in Acts 2, it mainly stayed in Jerusalem for several years growing larger in the temple courts and expanding from house to house. As the Jewish persecution increased, we find in Acts 7 that many church members fled Jerusalem and took their churches with them outside of Judea into Samaria. When the Apostle Paul was converted by Jesus from being a persecutor of the church to a preacher in Acts 9, he was tasked with planting churches all over the known world.  New Life Church is committed to continuing to obey Jesus' word like the New Testament Church of Acts did by planting more and more churches