Church Planting


When the church began in Acts 2, it mainly stayed in Jerusalem for several years growing larger in the temple courts and expanding from house to house. As the Jewish persecution increase, we find in Acts 7 that many church members fled Jerusalem and took their churches with them outside of Judea into Samaria. When the Apostle Paul was converted by Jesus from being a persecutor of the church to a preacher in Acts 9, he was tasked with planting churches all over the known world.  New Life Church is committed to continuing to obey Jesus' word like the New Testament Church of Acts did by planting more and more churches.


Nexus - Church Planting, Leader Care
Our church planting organization Nexus has started 36 active churches with 5,264 people in attendance.

Paseo Christian Church, El Paso, Texas
Planted in 2006 in El Paso, Texas by Greg and Jill Hunt

New City Christian Church, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Planted in 2007 by Nathan and Vanessa Bush

Ranchland Church, McKinney, Texas
Planted in 2010 by Jason and Michelle Duke

Journey Lorena, Waco, Texas
Planted in 2011 by Corey and Leslie Smith

Journey Elgin, Elgin, Texas
Planted in 2012 by Phillip and Molly Thomas

Coastpointe Church, League City, Texas
Planted in 2013 by Jerry and Carolon Nelson

Catalyst of Austin, Austin, Texas
Planted in 2014 by Steve and Tori Blake

Christ's Church, Las Cruces, New Mexico
Planted in 2015 by Rob and Tammy Wilson

Revive Christian Church, Loveland, Colorado

Venture Christian Church, Katy, Texas



International Church Plant

Hondable, Honduras
In 2014, we decided to partner with this existing church and Moises Guevara.
Please read their December 2016 report here.